Good Food

Indian solution

A festival is the time when people gather to celebrate a particular day or group of days. India is also called a land of festivals amongst which Diwali is very important one. Diwali means festival of lights and sweets.

Dealing with diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that requires a person to overhaul aspects their diet to keep blood sugar levels in check. Luckily, making even the smallest tweaks can help people to manage the condition. Evidence backs adding a popular ingredient to meals.

Vegetable delights

Bhindi or okra is said to be packed with antidiabetic properties. Diabetics must eat food packed with fibres.

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Sensible diet

If there’s one thing that comes to people’s minds when someone says “diabetes”, it’s “no sugar”. But reducing sugar intake isn’t the only aspect of diet for diabetes.

Controlling weight

Just a little holiday weight or an overhauled lifestyle-no matter what your goal is, if weight loss is on your mind, seeing results fast is the only thing you want to see.

Bitter and sweet

If you are suffering from diabetes, probably half of the people you know would have recommended you to start having karela juice or bitter gourd juice every day.